2018Short Film

Mon Clochard

A mysterious clochard is lovingly welcomed in a quiet suburban apartment building, where all of the residents inexplicably start caring for him except for Davide, who begins harboring a profound hatred for the man. 


Davide is a frustrated teacher who lives with his wife and son in a quiet apartment building in the suburbs. He is a creature of habits with an uneventful life. His daily routine is disrupted when one of his neighbors welcomes a homeless man in the building’s courtyard. All of the residents start caring for him, as he seems to fill their lives with pure joy, yet without ever uttering a single word. Davide, too caught up in his own miserable life to welcome such a change, starts harboring a deep hatred for the man and tries to get rid of him, with scarce results. Eventually, as his wish comes true, the disappearance of the man will have unexpected effects. 



Production Companies

Articolture + Manufactory Productions + Combo




DIRECTED BY Gian Marco Pezzoli PRODUCED BY Articolture, Manufactory Productions. Combo IN COLLABORATION WITH Noi Giovani PRODUCED BY Ivan Olgiati, Fabrizio Cabitza ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Lamberto Mongiorgi, Miguel Gatti SUBJECT Gian Marco Pezzoli, Marta Bedeschi WRITTEN BY Marta Bedeschi DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Marco Ferri PRODUCTION DESIGNER Giampietro Huber, Margherita Citran, Andrea Tessarin COSTUME DESIGNER Valentina Zizola MAKE UP Francesca Piani, Valentina Marzona EDITOR Corrado Iuvara (A.M.C.) ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari SOUND + SOUND DESIGN Giovanni Frezza ACTORS Roberto Citran - Giovanni Calcagno - Patrizia Piccinini- Bob Messini - Alessandro Antonino - Alberto Baraghini - Diana Poletti - Cristina Monti - Cristina Benfenati - Adam Selo - Andrea Pasqua 1AD Daniele Balboni DISTRIBUTION Elenfant Distribution



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