RAID - Museo per piccioni

26 JANUARY 2017

La Magnifica

BOLOGNA 12:00 - 18:00


ARTISTS: Alessandro Brighetti – Giulio Cassanelli  – CCH – Marco Ceroni – Max Coppetta – Fabrizio Cotognini – Arthur Duff – Andrea Nacciarriti – Roberto Paci Dalò – Francesca Pasquali – Ivana Spinelli – Giuseppe Stampone – Laura Renna – Giovanni Termini – Ciro Vitale

The artistic project involves the foray into a specific abandoned industry in the Bolognese hinterland, immeasurable both in size and in the sense of sudden abandonment, by the group of artists on Saturday 28 January 2017.
Each artist, having established his own room, is invited to interpret it with the material recovered on site, without any limit or expressive constraint, within 6 hours. Nothing invasive, structural or vandalism is contemplated. All site-specific works are destined to be abandoned in their turn, an offering on the altar of human genius, sublimating the structure in an interior of Pharaonic tomb, a museum for pigeons.

Manufactory Productions filmed the visual documentation of the event.




Fat Studio

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Manufactory Productions


DOP: Lamberto Mongiorgi 1AC: Giorgia Poppi Editor: Giulio Cassanelli - fatstudio.org Captured with: ARRI Amira - Canon lenses



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