RAID - Sfornare mondi

31 MARCH 2017

Ex Fabbrica Pasticceria Cova

MILAN 12:00 AM - 18:00 PM


ARTISTS: Alessandro Brighetti – Giulio Cassanelli – Umberto Ciceri – Fabrizio Cotognini – Arthur Duff – Martino Genchi – Daniele Girardi – Domenico Antonio Mancini – Laura Paoletti – Francesca Pasquali – Ivana Spinelli – Eugenio Tibaldi – Pietro Travaglini
MUSICIANS: Valerio Maiolo – Garage Olimpo! – Nicola Tirabasso – Lite Orchestra


R A I D considerates the incursion of a selected group of Authors into an iconic location, different edition by edition.
The container represents the message that the edition wants to spread.
Within 6 hours the squad will realise an intervention coherent to the semiotic structure of the edition and to the morphology of the space.
Works become integral parts of the space, offered by choice.
The main theme is the spontaneous aggregation of Authors that decide to celebrate and to offer their own creativity, ethics, aesthetics, free and far from the market dynamics.
The outcome is a transformed, exalted and regenerated spot.
Always open to public.


Author stands on the vertex of the pyramid he creates.
R A I D project supports Authors’ authorship, fighting for bringing back the gravity point on significance and signifier producers.
Authors are free to decide on their works.
This approach releases the artistic practice from useless external weights, giving the Authors the possibility of offering their works.
R A I D acts for the Cause.
Freedom of action, freedom of choice, freedom from market.


Works must be realised within 6 hours.
Media can be recovered on the spot, where possible, or imported. 
Every participant will force, deconstruct, distort his own artistic practice to adapt it to the timeline.


The whole action can be watched by the audience via web, in the live streaming mode.
The 6 hours are covered by film directors.
R A I D is an interdisciplinary format that apprpriates the contemporary communication dynamics, feeding the audience’s hunger of intimate details.
R A I D can be watched on www.fatstudio.org and on its social networks, and on the websites and socials of the communication partners of every edition.
Devices are the media capable to provide the audience a pocket museum. A global audience.




Fat Studio

Production Companies

Manufactory Productions


Manufactory Productions filmed the visual documentation of the event.

DOP: Lamberto Mongiorgi
1AC: Giorgia Poppi
Editor: Giulio Cassanelli - fatstudio.org



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